The conservation and care of green spaces are essential to maintain harmony in the urban environment. In Barcelona, a city that values its natural wealth, tree pruning emerges as a fundamental practice to guarantee the health and aesthetics of its trees. In this context, having specialists in the area becomes imperative.

At Picaspoques Arboristes, we are proud to offer a comprehensive tree pruning service, backed by more than 15 years of experience. As a company dedicated to both public, private and private clients, we understand the different needs and expectations that each of them present. We are committed to providing effective and personalised solutions for every project we undertake.

Why is tree pruning crucial? Pruning not only contributes to maintaining the proper shape and size of trees, but also promotes their health and longevity. Removing dead or diseased branches prevents the spread of disease and improves air and light circulation, thus benefiting the overall development of the tree. In addition, proper pruning can prevent risks such as branches falling on infrastructure or people, ensuring the safety of all involved.

At Picaspoques Arboristes, we stand out for our professional and meticulous approach to every task we undertake. Our team of expert arborists is highly trained in the most advanced pruning techniques and has the necessary equipment to carry out projects of any size. We work with a deep respect for the environment and strictly comply with all local rules and regulations.

By choosing Picaspoques Arboristes, our customers rely on a quality service backed by years of experience and dedication.

Are you looking for tree pruning experts in Barcelona? Contact us today for a free assessment and find out how we can help you care for and beautify your natural surroundings!