Tree Work


High-altitude pruning in trees that are difficult to access or dismantle. Vertical pruning is a technique that does not require heavy machinery, as our professionals apply specific climbing techniques in arboriculture, which economizes the service.

We carry out different types of pruning, adapting them to the needs of the tree and the client. These can include training pruning, restructuring pruning, safety pruning, or maintenance pruning, among others.


Felling is a resource that we always try to make a last resort, but sometimes, due to physiological, structural, situational, or safety issues, it becomes necessary.

It is then that we must find the safest, most economical, and appropriate way to do it, which is precisely the service we offer at Picasoques.

Safety Anchors

We offer the possibility of securing some branches, different limbs, or even entire trees that show signs of danger using specific systems for such purposes.

This can be a good option to avoid cutting large branches or even prevent the felling of the specimen.

Palm Tree Services


We carry out pruning on all types of palm trees. We perform leaf and fruit cleaning, as well as trunk peeling and shaping of the crown when required, using climbing methods that do not harm the palm tree.


We fell palm trees using trucks when necessary or with drilling methods in hard-to-reach places.

Forestry Services


While specializing in elevated work, we also offer tree and undergrowth thinning services on estates and plots. Always prioritizing safety and excellent service.

Safety Strips

We undertake felling and clearing of safety strips for fire prevention in homes or developments, complying with the regulations outlined in Decree 123/2005 of June 14th and Law 5/2003 of April 22nd.



We carry out all kinds of clearing, both in forested areas and plots, as well as in rustic-style gardens.